Individual career orientation in school: „Schau rein! – Die Woche der offenen Unternehmen Sachsen"

As a schoolboy, Neil Armstrong knew that one day he'd take off. At the age of 17, he acquired his pilot's license; by 39 he had found the job of his dreams: he became the first person to set foot upon the moon.

From 2008, pioneer communications helps everyone to find their dream job, with an educational program called "Schau rein!".

The initial situation
Starting out in professional life is a big thing for every young man and woman. To make a successful start, it's important to know which direction to head in schools and business, working together, can be instrumental in making this path clear. By combining daily lessons with practical guidance and information about various professions, pupils are given the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about their professional future.

The "Schau rein! - Die Woche der offenen Unternehmen Sachsen" initiative, which means "Take a look - Open Business Week in Saxony", aims to combine such practical insights with academic learning.

This occupational orientation project helps pupils from 7th grade on, to individually visit businesses and take a look at what working there would mean to them, while also giving companies a chance to get to meet the next generation work-force .

The goals:
Our main goal was to manage statewide public relations for this initiative and to make it theinitiative in Saxony. This meant communicating with all partners: teachers, companies, parents, sponsors and of course, the media. "Schau rein!" was designed to become an inherent part of occupational orientation in Saxony and an annual event for all schools and enterprises. Furthermore it was our goal to distinguish "Schau rein!" from other, similar projects and to increase the number of participants (schools, pupils, enterprises).

The pioneer communications approach:
For the governmental department of Economy, Technology, Transportation in Saxony (SMWA), pioneer communications developed and implemented a rigorous, structured and statewide communication strategy. This included specific measures to directly address the dialogue groups, basic materials and info sheets, an online press center at and massive processing of content for the web platform. pioneer communications regularly addressed the media in Saxony as well as some nationwide publications. The website acted as the central information hub for teachers, businesses and pupils.

A particular focus was placed on the mobility of the "Schau rein!" event, as the distinguishing factor between this and similar projects. To make sure each pupil could get to the right business, we worked with all the transportation services in Saxony. The result was that each pupil could reach a business location with ease, for free during the "Schau rein!" event.

We used the media available in buses, trams and trains to communicate this asset - with information folders, posters and even short films in public transportation such as cable cars in Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden. pioneer communications also communicated the free ticket in press releases and in talks with teachers.

The result:
Thanks to the statewide PR campaign, „Schau rein!" has now become an integral part of Saxony's occupational orientation in schools as well as in businesses. The project is unique in Germany and it is a great way to get a feel for a future job or career prospect. At the same time, it's a perfect way for businesses to get to know future specialists who are specifically interested in their enterprise and/or employment opportunities.
The thorough PR strategy and all the different measures were very well received by the media: From October 2009 to July 2010 we've seen roundabout 76 articles about the project in 33 different print publications, over 200 online reports on 152 different online platforms and various TV- and radio-features.